We strongly believe in an

integrated approach

to public relations,

Our typical client is a female business owner who understands the importance of brand visibility, but doesn't have the time or expertise to pursue it strategically. That's where we come in.

And while we enjoy providing full-service representation, we also believe in equipping women to secure publicity for themselves. This is why we host private, invite-only events to coach small groups. We also hold public workshops to cater to everyone from social influencers to leaders in the C-suite, showing them how to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation.

so our campaigns include everything from

coordinating events to securing media placements.

Want to be a client?

When you become a TELL client, our team serves as your full-time team of communication "wingwomen". While you work on your business, we'll be busy in the background booking television segments, podcast appearances, and speaking engagements. We also provide reputation management, on-camera coaching, and crisis management, when needed. TELL clients receive full-service PR services around the clock as we work to elevate their brands at the highest level.  Inquire today to discuss a partnership to help you achieve your PR goals.

We thrive in long-term relationships that allow us to use our range of specialties to build a strong reputation over time. But for those who simply need short-term coaching and ideation, we have three "fast-track" services to help you get the shine that you deserve:

"Fast-Track" Visibility Services

60 minutes; virtual


This fast-track strategy session includes a 14-day visibility plan, two unique story angles for your business, and tips on pitching to the media. Meeting notes provided. Popular with budget conscious "solopreneurs".



90 minutes; in-person


This strategy session includes a 21-day visibility plan, three unique story angles for your business, media outreach tips, and four specific outlets and organizations to pitch. Complimentary press release template.



Varies by project


In need of a quick project? We can design your media kit (critical for any brand in search of press!), write and distribute a press release for your event, or create an outreach list for your launch. Inquire for details.



Pre-orders for our visibility e-book are happening right now.

In this value-packed e-book, women will learn how to increase attention for

their businesses without paying for ads or waiting on media coverage

(although we do love a good media placement!).


We'll share tips and step-by-step guides about:

          building social proof to establish yourself as an expert

          pitching to podcasts 

          using virtual events to genuinely grow your audience

          strategies to book speaking engagements

          apps and websites to help you increase your visibility

Pre-order your e-book now.