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Founded by Danielle Bayard Jackson, TELL was created to help underrepresented women get more attention for the work they do. 

Using an integrated communications approach (that's fancy industry talk for "we've got more than one trick up our sleeves"), the TELL team leverages the power of traditional media (television and magazine coverage), unique social media campaigns, experiential events, and community outreach to help female entrepreneurs increase their visibility and enhance their reputations.

 We launched TELL to do more than get media placements-- we equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to get the kind of visibility that turns heads... and that approach separates us from others in our industry. But  we don't believe that PR agencies should have a monopoly on the skills and information you need to keep your doors open.

We've represented YouTube stars, award-winning filmmakers, Forbes contributors, executive coaches, and high-end co-working spaces.

Here it is in a nutshell: Women deserve a heck of a lot more attention for the impact they're making in their communities. And while we're known for being direct and no-nonsense, it's because we want you to win.

Danielle Bayard Jackson

Founder, Lead Publicist

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