VIP Intensives

60 days' worth of PR support in 7 hours. Yes, seriously.

Expand your reach and position yourself for serious media coverage without the confusion and headache (and pricey agency price tag).


This is perfect for the woman who's...

You're ready for a little more shine...but you don't know where to start.

Our new VIP Days are single-day intensives where trained publicists with proven track records prepare you with everything you need to increase your visibility, like, tomorrow. 


Strategy session

We're ready to hit the ground running with a two-hour strategy session to determine how you should be positioning your business for maximum public interest; to uncover stories in your business that will resonate with media and social audiences; to craft compelling messaging for public-facing platforms; and to uncover your most compelling differentiators to draw media attention and genuine community engagement.


Social & Web
pr audit

Do your most public-facing platforms appeal to journalists , event coordinators (for speaking opportunities), and new audiences? We'll apply a publicist's lens to your social media and website to ensure you have the right social proof displayed to instantly position yourself as a reputable thought leader. We will then make the necessary updates together-- in real time-- so you don't have to go it alone.


media kit 

Every business owner should have a media kit. During this portion of the VIP Intensive, our team will either build your media kit OR speaking kit OR press release so that you can be taken seriously as you work to command more attention for your business.


customized media contact list


Our team will research a customized, highly targeted media contact list with names of journalists, podcast hosts, and relevant influencers for your brand. This list includes contact information AND pitch tips for each contact.

You can't find this service anywhere else.


21-day pr plan

Based on your visibility goals, we will create step-by step, day-by-day plan to help you execute a tangible part of your PR strategy for 21 days. We will follow-up with you 30 days after our Intensive to answer any questions you have and to provide feedback.

This is not ideal for the woman who..


As a busy mother, wife, speaker, and owner of two businesses, I understand the pressure to make the most of the (limited) hours in each day.

I created VIP days because I was tired of seeing secretive and elusive PR agencies drag out services that could be accomplished in a fraction of the time. Let's just get to it, am I right?

As a former educator, I pride myself on making technical concepts easy and accessible. When I travel across the country to teach women how to be their own publicists, the feedback is the always the same: "I love how you get straight to the point and keep it fun."


I don't know any other way.

During our VIP days, I'll show you the SAME strategies I've used to land media coverage on NBC News, Psychology Today, ABC News, Good Morning America and more. We have also secured podcast interviews with the country's most well-known hosts, and booked (paid!) speaking engagements for clients after taking the time to position them as true experts in their field.

Warning: The VIP Intensive Days are... intense. But the payoff is so, so worth it.

Let's do this.


I was able to use the strategies and  information I learned from TELL in 20 minutes to land media coverage for my business the very next weekend.

-Lorielle Holloway, Owner of Cultured Books