You have the manpower to execute a PR strategy, but there's ust one problem: you don't have a strategy. 

This 90-minute session will include customized story angles, tips on pitching the media, customized outreach strategies, website and social media assessment, and a customized timeline to tell you when (and how) to attack your plan. 

B y the time we're finished, you'll know exactly what to do and where to begin.

We will not only help you build a full-scale PR strategy (inclusive of speaking engagements, media placements, events, social media outreach, and visbility opportunities), but we will do it for you.


YOu run your business.

We'll be the machine behind the scenes enhancing your reputation and getting your product or service seen (and loved) by wider audiences.


This is our most popular service.

Other Services Include:

You're confident in your campaign idea, but you just want a little feedback. We can help with that. Eager to hear about your special project, we'll be ready with feedback to help you tell your story in the right way.