DIY your PR.

This kit includes everything you need to begin securing your own shine.


Copy of Tell PR - The Ultimate PR Kit fo

The Ultimate PR Kit for

Female Entrepreneurs

Because sometimes you've just gotta be your own publicist.

1. Build your 5-part PR plan. A 16-page guide showing you ways to build relationships with the five key groups every business needs: media, employees, community, clients, and associates

2. Business media kit.  A 3-page template for you to build the perfect media kit for your business. Every female entrepreneur should have a "one-stop shop" for partners and press to learn about your business and review your key features. 

3. Press release template. To be taken seriously, you'll need use a press release to share your big news and announcements. Use our template to make sure you get it right.

4. Media contact log. Where are you keeping track of the pitches you send potential press partners? We're sharing an adapted version of the media logs we use at our agency, which help us organize our communication with some of the top journalists in the country. (Note: We've designed an entire course to teach you detailed strategies for getting media coverage.  [Launches November 16, 2020.]

5. Campaign promotion checklist. You're about to announce your latest campaign, but are you overlooking key  promotion avenues? This checklist will make sure you cover all your bases.

6. "Story Angle Generator". This guide shows you 7 ways to create newsworthy angles about your business. Use this when talking about your business with the media, potential clients, or when posting on social media. This is our SECRET SAUCE to helping all of our clients stay relevant.

7. Three publicity calendars (Q1). The key to getting attention for your business is not only being interesting, but being EARLY. We've created three calendars to help you get ahead on key opportunities for engaging campaigns. These are all the dates we will personal use to keep our clients relevant for both the news cycle and critical "word of mouth".

8. "How to Build a Press Page" Video tutorial. Even if you do not have major press placements, you should have a page on your website dedicated to highlighting impressive work you've done and features you've secured. In this video "how to", we'll walk you through the steps you need to build one in less than 30 minutes.


BONUS: "The Self-Made Visibility Guide"

 This is a 50-page ebook that includes:

  • ways to build social proof (so you're seen as an actual expert),

  • how to optimize your social media for press,

  • some of our favorite apps for female entrepreneurs,

  • and seriously so much more.