Why You Should Make Podcasts a Part of Your Media Strategy

By now, you know that podcasts are hot again.

But in our rush to add the biggest media outlets to our pitch lists, we forget about the little guys.

Here are three reasons you should consider making podcast producers a part of your outreach campaign.

  1. You may reach your target audience faster.

We all too often overlook small-reach outlets in favor of the big guys. But consider this: If you make an appearance on a television show where only 5% of the listeners are a part of your target audience (in your primary location, age demographic, economic group, and ready to buy), you're better off speaking to a smaller group where 95% of the listeners are eager to hear what you have to say. The main goal should be to get your message in front of those who could be potential customers. This means tapping into niche audiences by finding podcasts that your target audience is listening to. 2. Get in front of engaged communities who are ready to buy. As a podcast fanatic, I know that subscribers are "ride or die". When a listener comes across a podcast she likes, she'll download it, send it to friends, and share it on social. What good is a large audience if the topics are vast and the audience isn't engaged? Most podcast hosts also post episodes to their social media accounts, expanding the number of people who will hear your message. Work to find shows with active social media communities, including bustling post comments and Facebook groups. Once you've found that, you've hit gold. 3. Your episode will be heard again and again. When you finally secure a podcast interview, be sure to speak to an "evergreen" subject. This means you address a topic that will be relevant for months to come. Why? When searching for new podcasts, people often search according to topic. If you are talking about something that will be relevant for a while, listeners will turn to your episode long past the time you've recorded it. I've personally listened to podcast episodes that are three years old simply because the content is so good and still applicable to my current situation. Remember that podcast interviews can work for you long after you've made a guest appearance. So as you work to create a media list that includes various media outlets, be sure you're not overlooking podcasts. If you find those that speak to your specific niche community, the return will be well worth it.

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