The #1 Mistake Women Make When Talking about their Businesses


"I am convinced that it's the number one mistake women are making when they talk about their businesses.

Think about it: the last time somebody asked you what you do-- they asked you about your company-- you talked about all of your service offerings, or you excitedly spoke about your great customers.

And while all of that is nice, it fails to highlight the most important part, which is:

You are the solution to a problem.

Make yourself relevant. If people know there's a problem that exists and you are solving it, you've just positioned yourself as uniquely important and necessary to a greater good.

For example:

When somebody asks about TELL Public Relations, we don't ramble about having e-books and trainings or how we offer full client representation (even though we do!). Instead, we talked about the number of female-owned businesses that are closing simply because people don't know they exist. We talk about how there's a lack of diversity in media representation. And our goal is to change the landscape so we can speak to how there's a great need and people are aching for what it is we offer.

We are solving a problem. It positions us as relevant, as fresh, as unique and important.

And we encourage you to do the same."

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