October Dates You Should Use as PR Opportunities

One of the quickest ways to get media attention is by leveraging holidays. Here, we show you how it's done.

When you think of October holidays, your mind likely goes straight to Halloween. But there are 30 more days that you can possibly celebrate!

Securing media attention can be as simple as giving people a reason to celebrate. If you can generate enough public interest around a fun occasion, various media outlets may take note and highlight what you're doing on their respective platforms.

Use this strategy in October.

Here are three October dates that-- if relevant to your industry-- could be leveraged for a little more attention:

October 3- National Techies Day

October 16- National Bosses' Day

October 17- National Pasta Day

October 24- National Make a Difference Day

Could you run a cool social media campaign? Create unique story angles? Celebrate with clients or local organizations?

Get creative about the ways you can leverage celebratory occasions to bring more attention to your brand, and you might be surprised by the opportunity it brings!

Want to find more October holidays that are more relevant to your industry? Click here!

And remember, this is only one strategy out of FIFTEEN that we've identified for getting media coverage. We're launching a HUGE course soon to walk you through all the ways you can begin earning media coverage for your business.

Stay tuned.

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