Listen now: How to maximize PR as a small business

We recently did a guest interview on the Speak to Scale Podcast with Jessica Rasdall discussing actionable ways you can begin getting more attention for your business:

As you’re growing and scaling your business, publicity should be one of your top priorities.

However, before you start looking for a publicity agency to hire, it's important to know what PR is and how you should be leveraging it for your business. Whether you’re looking to speak on more stages, be featured on podcasts, or get published in major publications, this episode is going to help you better understand exactly what public relations actually is and how you can harness its benefits to grow your business.

On this episode of The Speak to Scale Podcast, Danielle Bayard Jackson of Tell Public Relations joins us to give guidance on how to be your own highly effective publicist. She’s also pulling back the curtain and sharing her best tips for getting others to highlight your business for you so that you can focus more on stepping into the role of the sought-after thought leader in your niche.

Listen now.

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