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As an education-based agency, we are dedicated to teaching and equipping women to independently increase their visibility (without having to pay for ads or rely on a pricey PR agency). Our classes are for:

  • new entrepreneurs who want to begin building their brand recognition,

  • seasoned entrepreneurs who aren't getting enough media coverage,

  • PR professionals who want to step their game up by learning the latest trends

  • PR students looking to get real-world behind-the-scenes insight, marketing/ PR employees who want to elevate their skillset


August 19, 2021
Masterclass: How to Land Podcast Interviews

Learn how to begin booking your own podcast interviews by finding the right shows, crafting the right pitch, and reaching the right audiences.

(Our last client booked her dream show within 48 hours of taking our class. Just sayin'.)

September 21, 2021
How to Get 2021 Holiday Media Coverage

The holidays are a very competitive time for businesses to seek media coverage, but with the right story, timing and pitch, it's totally possible. We're showing you the behind-the-scenes secrets you need to get the visibility you deserve this year.